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Wish List

How can I place an order?

How can I add articles to the Shopping Basket?

  • Just search the product in the webshop and drop into the Shopping Basket by clicking on the Shopping Basket symbol.
  • You know the Compona article number: Open the Shopping Basket. Enter the Compona article number without spaces into the field. Add the article to the Shopping Basket by clicking on the +-symbol.
  • You know the manufacturer article number: You can enter the manufacturer article number in the search box at the right side on top. If there is a match, the corresponding Compona aritcle number will be shown.

How can I see if an item is available?

  • For each article, the available quantity is displayed in the webshop. This value refers to the quantity in stock the previous day. After placing an inquiry you will receive the offer with the exact quantity available. In case of an order, you will see the exact quantity available in your order acknowledgement.

Why can I also order articles which show a stock of 0 pieces?

  • Inventory is changing daily. Should you order an article with a stock of 0 pieces, you will receive an order acknowledgement with the expected delivery time.
  • If you just want to know when an article will be available off stock again, you can place your inquiry directly out of the webshop.

How can I register for the webshop?

  1. Fill in registration form: Just click on the „Login“-button. Within the menu that opens, click on "Sign up", fill in the requested fields and submit your registration.
  2. Email address validation: You will receive an email in order to validate your email address. Just click on the link in the email to verify your email address.
  3. Activation of your account by our customer service: Our customer service is now checking your registration and activates your account. This can only be done during business hours: Monday to Thursday 7:45am to 17:00pm, Friday to 16:00pm.

Why do I need to be registered to place an order?

  • In order that your inquiries and orders can be processed directly through your usual contact persons.
  • You will find your contact persons in your customer account.
  • If you benefit from preferential rates as a major customer, you will see your prices directly in the webshop.

Why is my login information from the old Compona webshop no longer valid?

  • The old Compona webshop was based on a completely different technology. Unfortunately, it was not possible to migrate all user accounts to the new system. Please excuse if you are affected by this and have to register again. We have tried to make your new registration as easy as possible.

From which countries can I place an order?

  • With prepayment we deliver Internationally.
  • In the following countries you can pay easily by credit card: Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Netherland, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, England, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Japan, USA.

Where can I see the status of my order?

  • Please contact our customer service (0848 840 100) or your usual contact persons.

Where can I see my order acknowledgement?

  • After sending an order you will receive an automatically generated confirmation to proof the receipt of your order. Then, your order will be checked by our customer service and confirmed again. Eventually, some clarifications regarding delivery times can delay the delivery of the final order acknowledgement. If you do not receive an order acknowledgement within 24 hours, please contact our customer service (0848 840 100) or your contact persons.
  • Online you can see all your past orders in your account. Please note that we cannot update the status online at the moment

Can I modify a placed order?

  • Not online. If the goods have not been shipped yet, you can ask our customer service or your contact persons.

Can I request a quotation for cable assemblies online?

What is the function of a Wish List?

  • You can make different Wish Lists: So you can e.g. differentiate the products from each of your projects.
  • Send a Wish List by email: So you can send your desired products from the engineering department directly to the purchasing department and they can place an order with ease.
  • You can move the products from the Wish List into the Shopping Basket and enquire or order them directly.

How can I issue a new Wish List?

  • Just click on Wish List. You are now editing the Standard Wish List. Below the selection box for the Wish Lists, you can enter a new name for the new Wish List. With a click on the +-button you can issue a new Wish List.