Your benefit as a purchaser

We make sure that conditions and logistics are suitable.

With our customer-specific, extremely flexible services, from framework agreements via conditioning systems to stock buffering, we simplify your logistics, scheduling and tendering systems – thus ensuring that our cooperation continues to make its contribution to the success of your business.

How we provide you, as the purchaser, with optimum support at all times:

  • with framework agreements for flexible, variable and demand-oriented order processing
  • with relief for your logistics by stock buffering in our facilities
  • with diverse, process-oriented variants when defining your optimum batch sizes and batch deliveries
  • with target-oriented, flexible support for all your requirements
  • with our web shop for simple rapid order placements
  • with diverse possibilities for product individualisation

Why you, as the purchaser, benefit particularly from our product portfolio:

  • thanks to consistent outstanding product quality
  • thanks to the unique diversity of brands within Switzerland
  • a virtually limitless width and depth of ranges
  • a high level of availability