Your benefit as a developer

We provide you with advice precisely where you need it.

In the development and prototype phase we provide timely support on the phone, on-site or by email with highly-qualified advice – thus always ensuring a perfect connection between your ideas and concepts and reality.

The things that make our products particularly beneficial to you as a developer:

  • consistently outstanding product quality
  • the unique diversity of brands within Switzerland
  • the virtually limitless width and depth of the range
  • the high level of availability

 This is how we provide specific support for you as the developer:

  • with consistent focus on your actual requirements. With expert, individual technical support in all sectors
  • with many years of experience in the field of connection technology
  • with comprehensive technical expertise

 Why our assembly and processing service has proven to be particularly interesting for you:

  • thanks to practice-oriented advice and support –from the development stage onwards
  • thanks to our flexibility in implementing even the most unusual requirements
  • thanks to optimum quality of execution