We support you in every phase of your project.

Prototype and development phase

In the prototype phase we provide centralised technical advice by phone, on-site or by email. The technical possibilities are demonstrated and extensively tested by the customer using small quantities of prototypes. At this stage the customer can make changes to requirements. In this phase, our flexibility comes fully to the fore. Together with local partners we can quickly make adjustments to the design or production of the solution, so that testing doesn't bring our customers to a standstill.

Typical processing techniques

  • Flexible, easy to process solutions
  • Easy-to-open housings
  • Crimped or screwed contacts


Pilot production

We work together with the client at logistically and commercially optimizing a technically workable solution. Small adjustments often have amazing results. But sometimes even the production technology or its location must be changed. On large production runs, moulded solutions are often deployed, providing both strength as well as e.g. branding opportunities through the inclusion of customer logos on the connector.

Typical processing techniques

  • Crimped contacts
  • Use of crimping machines
  • Focus on automated processing
  • Insulation displacement connector (IDC) technology
  • Moulded solutions 


Series production phase

We make sure that you can meet your requirements in the shortest possible time. We'll take care of buffering the finished cable assemblies. You don't need to worry about communicating with the manufacturers or managing small parts. We'll take care of that for you. Using framework agreements we arrange batch sizes, call-off dates and prices. You then simply call up your requirements with us, quoting a single article number.